My Financial Legacy

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This monograph empowers women from all backgrounds and circumstances to incorporate their values in decisions about spending, saving, planning and giving. Appropriate also for financial professionals (wealth advisors/estate attorneys/financial planners/development officers) to guide clients to live their financial and philanthropic dreams according to their passions and values.

Endorsement by Judy: My Financial Legacy is written particularly for women. When famous people die we discuss "what was the legacy she left behind - what did she do that was meaningful, memorable, important?" When a woman we know is widowed, we often wonder if the financial legacy she inherited is enough. Both of these represent the way we think about legacy in Western culture. Rachael Freed challenges us to think about a legacy of values - why we saved and why we spent, why and where we gave, what we learned from financial mistakes and financial success? More importantly she inspires us to share our values concerning money and property in legacy letters. These letters can be shared now, shared after death or never shared, just written to help us clarify our values. I have now added a letter to my legal will which explains why I have only one charitable request. My children know I have been generous with many nonprofits and advocacy organizations so my letter shares why this priority. It felt very good to clarify my feelings in one simple letter.


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