Legacy Letters: The Ethical Will

Legacy letters, written by women and men of every age, (often in times of celebration, transition, and personal challenge), transmit values, wisdom, history, and blessings to future generations.

Originating in the Biblical period, traditional ethical wills were the responsibility of fathers to transmit ethical values to their sons.

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Your Legacy Matters guides us on the life-changing journey of legacy writing to harvest our life experience and learning for our loved ones and future generations.

This modern interpretation of the ancient ethical will gives us a practical method to find spiritual peace in our chaotic world. Legacy letters articulate our values, history, stories, learning, and blessings for those we care about.

Included are templates for writing legacy letters to accompany our wills and living wills, emphasizing their use to initiate important family conversations.

Beyond the precious treasure we leave the future, our yield produces a remarkable and profound experience that addresses universal needs deep within each of us.

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Legacy programs occur now as interactive online webinar programs. Legacy can be applied to address the unique needs of your family, your work culture, your community group, your spiritual organization.