Books and Articles by Rachael

Your Legacy Matters, harvesting the love and lessons of your life: a multi-generational guide for writing your ethical will 2013, MinervaPress.

My Financial Legacy (Monograph) 2013, MinervaPress.

Women’s Lives, Women’s Legacies, passing your beliefs and blessings to future generations (creating your own ethical will), 2003, Fairview Press, Revised 2012, MinervaPress.

The Legacy Workbook for the Busy Woman, weaving legacy blessings and words of wisdom for future generations, (a step–by–step guide for writing a spiritual ethical will in 2 hours or less), 2005, Revised 2012, MinervaPress.

Heartmates: a guide for the partner and family of the heart patient, (Revised 25th Anniversary Edition 2012), MinervaPress.

The Heartmates Meditation Journal, a companion for partners of people with heart disease, 1995, Revised 2012, MinervaPress.

“Art, Aging and Legacies,” A Conversation with Lili Artel, in Conversations on Creativity, Activism and Jewish Feminist Identity. Bridges, A Feminist Journal, Spring, 2011, Volume 16, #1.

“The Ethical Will: The Most Important Document We Will Ever Write,” Caring Connections, An InterLutheran Journal for Practitioners and Teachers of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Volume 6, #1, Spring 2009.

“Mourning Miriam: A Modern Midrash,” Bridges, A Feminist Journal, Spring, 2007, Volume 12, #1.

Women’s Legacies Circles Facilitators’ Guide, 2004, MinervaPress.

“Grandma Minnie’s Legacy,” and “High Holy Days and the Spiritual-Ethical Will,” Being Jewish, 2003, 2001.

“Reflecting Our Genesis,” Minnesota Genealogist, Autumn, 1999, Vol. 30, #3.

“The Ethical Will: A New Tool to Help Women Givers,” Minnesota Law & Politics, “Wealth Management Section,” March, 2001, #125.

The Cardiac Family Program Training Manual, 1990, MinervaPress.

Portrait of the Heartmate, 1989; Hugo Award-winning video-series: creator, writer, and producer.

“Life Review: A Natural Process,” Readings in Psychosynthesis Theory, Process, & Practice, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, The Department of Applied Psychology, Toronto, 1985 [FKA Rhoda F. Levin].

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