Legacy Facilitators In Iowa

Susanna Schuerman

Cedar Falls, Iowa

On a sultry summer day in 1993, my grannie drew her last breath as she sat in her favorite recliner. I know some things about her. She loved life, laughed often, weathered tragedies and loved her children and grandchildren. I knew her as a grandmother, but not as a woman. I wish I had asked more questions when she was alive. I wish she had documented her values, words of wisdom and beliefs for me and for her great-grandchildren. I assumed she would always be there.

That is why I am so passionate about legacy writing. I have found that writing legacy letters is a powerful way to impart our values and to bestow blessings on those who are dearest to us. I am enthusiastic about sharing this beautiful ancient tradition with others and to show them how it relates to their contemporary lives.

Over the past 25 years, I have written hundreds of personal profiles and more recently personal histories. I also lead legacy writing and memoir workshops.

I would be honored to assist you, your group, or your business in writing your life story, memoirs, or legacy letters.

Gretchen B. Wright

Cedar Rapids, IA

Gretchen, writer and artist, is mother to two teenaged children, step-mother to two adult children, and "Oma" to four lively young grandsons.

Her legacy work with women expands the writing experience to include a visual component enriching their celebrations of foremothers and themselves. She creates multi-media altered art and collage.

Raised to value her family's genealogy and oral history, Gretchen was blessed with many rich stories from the past. As a parent herself through marriage and adoption, she now appreciates a broader definition of "family," and relishes the beauty of our interconnected legacies.

She holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Become a Certified
Legacy Facilitator

After a number of years, Rachael renewed her commitment in 2015 to train and certify legacy facilitators. Training to increase the guild of North American Certified Facilitators occurs twice yearly, spring and fall, via interactive webinar. For more information and an application, contact LifeLegacies1@gmail.com

You may join a multitude of people using all published legacy materials (including information on this website) to share the purpose and practice of legacy writing with others without certification training.

Refer to the index in Your Legacy Matters, Women’s Lives, Women’s Legacies and The Legacy Workbook for the Busy Woman to find writing ideas, reflections, and writing exercises for the populations you choose to serve.

Rachael consults with legacy facilitators worldwide to mentor and support their work with people with diverse needs and interests. Contact her for more information and to schedule appointments: LifeLegacies1@gmail.com

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