Legacy Facilitators In Indiana

Ann Sullivan

Terra Haute, Indiana

Having worked in the areas of education, gerontology and counseling for many years, I was drawn to “Legacy” as a way of integrating my education, experience and skills in fresh ways for the future. The “Legacy” program provides the tools and insights to assist individuals and groups to reflect on what is most treasured in their lives, and the processes for sharing and passing forward the genuine values at the heart of who they are.

Having recently retired from St. Mary of the Woods College, I am presently working primarily with Communities of Religious women and men who are facing a difficult, uncertain future. In this context, Legacy is a strategy to assist individuals and their communities to clarify the ways their ministry continues to move forward even as their numbers decline. This awareness helps to give members a deep sense of the value of their lives and ministry, now often overshadowed by financial struggles and increasing age.

I welcome, through Legacy programs, the opportunity to work with groups throughout the country.

Become a Certified
Legacy Facilitator

After a number of years, Rachael renewed her commitment in 2015 to train and certify legacy facilitators. Training to increase the guild of North American Certified Facilitators occurs twice yearly, spring and fall, via interactive webinar. For more information and an application, contact LifeLegacies1@gmail.com

You may join a multitude of people using all published legacy materials (including information on this website) to share the purpose and practice of legacy writing with others without certification training.

Refer to the index in Your Legacy Matters, Women’s Lives, Women’s Legacies and The Legacy Workbook for the Busy Woman to find writing ideas, reflections, and writing exercises for the populations you choose to serve.

Rachael consults with legacy facilitators worldwide to mentor and support their work with people with diverse needs and interests. Contact her for more information and to schedule appointments: LifeLegacies1@gmail.com

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